Opening a business account with the big high street banks can be daunting and time consuming.  You may even be declined for a mainstream account, with no real explaination.

Or, you may want a second business account, or need one quickly as proof of banking for the many applications a new business may be submitting.

Online banks are so much easier.  Open your account in minutes and you are ready to go!

We recommend Tide for a fast opening, great service, and low costs.

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Merchant Cash Advance

Flexible terms, fast turnaround


Is your business struggling to get the finance it needs to progress?

A lot of businesses are still struggling to recover from the pandemic, lockdowns, and all the repurcussions brought with it.

But the struggle to raise finance is real, coupled with the worry of maintaining payments, even if you have had a slow and quiet month.  Banks and mainstream lenders are declining more nad more, pushing some businesses to lean on high risk lenders with extortionate chsrges!

Did you know that you can raise finance against your card machine takings?  This is called a Merchant Cash Advance - if you have had your machine for over 6 months and heave a relatively turnover, we can get you a flexible advance against this, with flexible repayment terms.  The money is paid back as a percentage of your takings, so if you have a quiet month you will pay less back, if you have a busy month you will pay a bit more to clear it faster.  It is simple, starightforward and fast to implement.

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