Card Machines

Almost every business needs to offer card payments as an option, but the choices, variations and legislations out there

are confusing, and it can be difficult to decide on a provider.

There are different rates, an abundance of machines to choose from, and so many different terms and length of contract it is a minefield, and one which is not easy to understand.

As such there are a lot of unscrupulous dealers, who are happy to sell you a product that is not suitable for your business, because they have targets to hit in order to achieve the highest commission!

Signing up for the wrong contract can be a costly mistake.

Why Choose Us?


We have researched this market thoroughly, and have partnered with a select few organisations, to ensure that we are offering you the best possible deal at the beast possible rates, on terms that suit you and your business!

We are completely transparent, there are no hidden costs and no hidden agenda.  We will go through everything with you to establish exactly which product is best for your needs.

We aslo offer continued UK based support for as long as you remain our customer

Pay & Go

Choose your terminal, pay a set up fee and you are ready to go!

No contract, no commitment, simply return the terminal to cancel.


Purchase Outright

Purchase a terminal, which is then yours to keep.  Enjoy low rates and full support, with no monthly fees, just pay your transaction costs.  No minimum monthly turnover.

Standard Contract

Sign up for anything from 18 months to 4 years, low rates from 0.3%, monthly cost dependent on variants, including duration, choice of terminal and intended use.

High Risk

Even if you are a high risk industry, such as vapes, travel, adult or gaming, we can still help.  Rates may be slightly higher initially, but you get the same supportand terms.